Whale Watching - Southern California - Dana Point

If you are thinking of going on a whale watching trip then Dana Point in California is definitely the place to be. After all, it isn’t called the “Whale capital of the west” for nothing.

Dana Point can be referenced as a landmark for the gray whales that come here by the thousands each winter in search or the warm and calm waters or Southern California and Baja. So in order to get the most out of your trip to the ocean, you should plan your whale watching trip during the peak months.

Boat tours are ideal for whale watching in their natural habitat. So not only will you get closer to the whales by being in their natural habitat, but they may also come closer to you for being curious creatures. So if you have the chance, you should definitely plan for a Dana Point whale watching boat tour.

Because Dana Point whale watching is an avid activity, their space should be respected. Observers are not allowed to approach within 100 yards of a whale, whether in a boat or by swimming (that does no include the whales approaching the observers). If you happen to join a Dana Point whale watching tour that has an experienced leader, he or she may know how to gently approach the whales and to encourage them to come closer.

There are many whale watch tours you can take while in Dana Point. Here you can experience the most unique whale watch in the world. You can even get underwater for the best view and without getting wet, with the help of an underwater viewing pod.

Depending on the cruise you are taking, there sometimes is an experienced marine naturalist who will explain how whales live and what their habits are, all the while you are watching them. You can also ask questions of your own, if you have any.

But even if you prefer the solid ground, you can also do Dana Point Whale watching from the highest points in the region. Once you get to the right place, it is very easy to spot the whales: you just have to look for large plumes of water rising in the air and huge splashes and you can’t miss them.

It would seem like a wasted opportunity to not take advantage of the many whale watching cruises that allow you to see them up and close. So don’t just settle with reading about whales in books; plan your next Dana Point whale watching trip right now.